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Do you know of a child in need? Funds are available to help underprivileged children with specific health care needs. The Foundation for Children School Nurse fund was founded by the Arizona Funeral, Cemetery & Cremation Association (formerly Arizona Funeral Directors Association) to provide a means for school nurses to fill a need they saw for underprivileged children with a specific health problem at their schools.

Download the Criteria Procedures & School Nurse Request Form

The AFCCA’s Foundation for Children was founded to help provide medical assistance to families who do not have insurance, cannot qualify for other institutional aid, and for children whose parents do not have the means to cover the costs of increasing medical bills. Each grant is considered on a case by case basis.

All requests for aid must be accompanied with the application form, as much information as possible regarding the medical condition and what is requested in the way of help and who the funds must be made out to. Funds are dispersed only to the provider of the medical assistance or company providing the product or service.

Applications are taken during the course of the school year through, with the school nurse being the immediate point of contact.

Any request for funds $250 or more must be reviewed by Foundation’s Board of Directors for consideration. The Board typically meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Emergency medications situations on a one time basis are usually the only time medications might be funded.

The foundation will often ask the parent for a token payment to give some ownership in their child’s medical benefit. Grant awards typically have a short turn around time.

For detailed questions please contact the Nurse Coordinator:

Mary Freeland:

Download the Criteria Procedures & School Nurse Request Form

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