We strive to keep Arizona school children Happy, Healthy and Successful in School

We are a nonprofit organization made up of aftercare professionals in Arizona who are dedicated to making sure that all school aged children are able to receive medical care.

Our History

Arizona Funeral Cemetery and Cremation Association Foundation for Children is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Its purpose, as envisioned by Lee Scott, is to help not only children without the means to pay for medical care and necessities, but also to improve the image of our profession throughout the State. We currently sponsor a School Nurse Program that is spearheaded by Mary Freeland, a school nurse in the Phoenix area who believes in and is dedicated to our mission. She is a clearing house for applications submitted by Arizona schools. All applications are submitted by the school to Mary and include documentation that no other assistance is available for that condition. All checks are paid directly to the provider and the family is usually required to make a token co-pay which may be as little as $5.00.

As we have become better known the requests for services has increased. A usual request still represents what is probably the greatest need in the schools and that is vision care for grade school children. Poor eyesight is one of the leading issues affecting early childhood learning abilities and we address this issue either with direct payments or by helping find another organization that can provide those services.

Some of the assistance we have provided over the years has included a specialized wheel chair, ACL surgery for a high school student who was on track for a college scholarship until an injury and funds toward a biopsy for a young girl to determine the status of a lump in her breast.

The economic changes and difficulty in the State and around the country has taken its toll on organizations such as ours and, as you can imagine, have increased the number of requests for service. Someone working today can be laid off without warning tomorrow and may not have any medical coverage for themselves or their children for the first time in their lives. It can happen to anyone. We are making an impassioned plea for your help.

Your donation and that of your company’s to the Foundation can make a difference in a child’s healthy future. As we all have heard many times and certainly know children are the future, our future. Help us build a better tomorrow.

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