What is Metal Recycling?

Implant, dental and precious metal recycling/refining involves the recovery and processing of metals from end-of-life products so that it can be introduced as a raw material in the production of new goods. It can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation of its properties.

What Industries can Participate in Metal Recycling?

  • Funeral/Crematory
  • Dentists
  • Medical
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Jewelers

How Does Donating Metal Recycling Funds to a Charity Benefit Me?

Specifically in the Cremation Industry, you will be able to share with your families that their loved one’s metals will continue to live on by helping children with their medical and health needs. Our organization continues to assist at-needs children with eyeglasses, dental work, costly medication, surgeries and more! We truly appreciate you considering the AFCCA Foundation for Children as your charity of choice.

How does Metal Recycling help the Foundation?

Many refinery companies have the options of monetary payouts to a charity of your choice, and we are asking that you consider listing the AFCCA Foundation for Children as your charity of choice!

Awesome – How do I Get Started?

While we don’t particularly endorse any one company, we currently have relationships with three refineries that you can reach out to.

AFCCA Supplier Partners

Core Scientific

Justin Pollock
Sales Director
Send a Message

Garfield Refining

Mallory Valvano
Send a Message
Phone: 800-523-0968

Precious Metal Refining Services (AFCCA Silver Supplier Partner)

Drew Osberg
Send a Message
Phone: 302-229-7644

Other Metal Recyclers


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