Meet and Greet with The HART Pantry

On tuesday, March 5, members of the AFCCA Foundation for Children Board of Directors had the privilege to meet with The HART Pantry Executive Director, Ruth Langford, and committee member, Judy Barber, to learn more about the organization.

Three to four times per year, the Foundation for Children seek out another organization or way to get involved with our communities that aligns with our mission of “Keeping Arizona School Children Happy and Healthy”. Upon the suggestion of our school nurse coordinator, Mary, we found The HART Pantry in Peoria.

HART Pantry’s mission is to provide support and encourage at risk teens to finish high school and increase their self esteem. It was a natural fit between our two organizations.

We were able to donate $1000 to The HART Pantry in January, thanks to donors, fundraisers and grants that have been received.

Thank you to everyone who supports the AFCCA Foundation for Children, we look forward to helping children for many years to come.

For more information on HART Pantry, visit

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