August 2016 Student Grant Requests Filled

School is back in session and requests are starting to trickle in, here are the students the Foundation for Children was able to assist in August 2016!

Large Grant Requests

A 15-year old male student that has a complete retinal detachment to his left eye, which would lead to permanent blindness at some point in the future.  The family has been working with Medical Services Project and it was agreed that if the anesthesiologist could be paid, then the rest of the surgery would be covered. The board voted to grant $576 to pay the anesthesiologist.

Small Grant Requests

  • Clawson Elementary – Douglas, AZ: Vision services for a 7 yr old boy, referred to Arizona Primary Eye Care. AFCCA Foundation for Children paid $120.00 for eye exam and glasses.
  • Barcelona Middle School – Glendale, AZ: Vision services for a 13 yr old girl, referred to Nationwide Lens. AFCCA Foundation for Children paid $63.98 for eye exam and glasses.

Thank you to all of our dedicated board members, donators, volunteers and especially our volunteer school nurse for making grant requests like the ones above possible

Working together through fundraisers and creating awareness, we can continue helping children in our communities.

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