2015 AAJHSC Member Donations to the Foundation

The Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils is a member driven, student oriented organization dedicated to developing leadership in Student Councils (6th, 7th, & 8th graders). The association provides programs and experiences for student leaders and their advisors to promote and enhance active leaders in the state of Arizona.

Every year, the members of this Association choose a state charity that the student council will donate to from the money they raise at their school fundraisers throughout the year.

These students plan and work together as a team to come up with successful fundraiser that not only benefit their school, but charities state wide.

The AFCCA Foundation for Children was fortunate enough to be selected by six of the members of the AAJHSC as their charity of choice for 2015, with a combined donation of $650!

We would like to thank not only the AAJHSC as listing us as an official charity but also the six schools that had such successful fundraisers that they could generously donate to our organization.

  1. Litchfield Elementary Student Council in Litchfield, AZ – Various fundraisers throughout the school year
  2. Winslow Junior High School Student Council in Winslow, AZ – These students sold Santa Grams at Christmastime to other students in their school
  3. Stapley Jr. High Student Council in Mesa, AZ – Various fundraisers throughout the school year
  4. Calabasas Middle School Student Council in Rio Rico, AZ – These students held dances, car washes and sold items at school to raise money.
  5. Copper Trails Elementary Student Council in Goodyear, AZ – They hosted a fundraiser called Chain Wars.
  6. Safford Middle School Student Council in Safford, AZ – They sold Halloween “Boo”-grams to the students.

Thank you again to all these wonderful students for choosing the AFCCA Foundation for Children and for your generous donations. Every donation we receive helps us towards our goal of ensuring every school aged child in Arizona is happy and healthy!

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