January 2016 AFCCA Foundation for Children Student Grant Request Filled

Look who the AFCCA Foundation for Children helped in January 2016!

Large Grant Requests

A 13-year-old female has been seeing a physician and a GI specialist through Medical Services Project (MSP) and has been diagnosed with C. Diff and Irritable with chronic pain. The medication that she needs is $1128 per month. MSP has already paid $2400 towards her much needed medication. Mary Freeland asked MSP what would this young lady would do next month and the answer is that she should be on this medication for about 2 more months. MSP will cover one month of meds and they are asking for the 2ndmonth, which will be the $1128. The board unanimously voted to grant the family the $750 to go towards the medication.

A male that has a complete retinal detachment to his left eye.  The family has been working with MSP and they were able to get the cost of the surgery decreased. Warner Park Surgery Center was $1744, now is $1200 Anesthesiology was $650, is now $450. Dr. Jamal was $1200 and has now been reduced to $604.78. The board voted to grant the family the $500 to go towards the surgery.

A Washington High School student has been seeing an orthopedic doctor, paid for by MSP, and now she needs to have Physical Therapy 2 times a week for 8 weeks.  Mary began the 504 process, which allows the student to see the physical therapist at her school.  MSP will cover $440 towards her physical therapy with a remainder or $220. MSP will also cover her MRI and follow up appointment with orthopedic doctor. The board voted to grant the $220 to go towards the physical therapy.

Small Grant Requests

  • Sycamore Elementary – Corona De Tucson: Vision services for a 10 yr old, girl, referred to Nationwide. AFCCA Foundation for Children paid $74.99 for eye exam and glasses.

Thank you to all of our dedicated board members, donators, volunteers and especially our volunteer school nurse for making grant requests like the ones above possible

Working together through fundraisers and creating awareness, we can continue helping children in our communities.

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