November 2015 AFCCA Foundation for Children Student Grant Request Filled

Look who the AFCCA Foundation for Children helped in November 2015!

Large Grant Requests

  1. A 4-year old girl, is in need sedation/general anesthesia for dental treatment.  The family has dental insurance but has exhausted it, City of Phoenix HeadStart paid $1,612.03 for other dental work, including cavities on 8 teeth, 4 need pulpotomies (baby root canals) and then crowns on teeth.  They asked the AFCCA Foundation for Children for $650.00 to cover the cost of anesthesia. The board unanimously voted to grant the family the $650 to cover the anesthesia.
  2. A student aged 13 in Tucson is requesting $8,279.65 for a bronchoscopy, labs and anesthesia. The hospital was willing to take half of the cost up front and work with the family for the remaining balance. The board unanimously voted to grant the family the $4150 to cover half the bronchoscopy.

Thank you to all of our dedicated board members, donators, volunteers and especially our volunteer school nurse for making grant requests like the ones above possible

Working together through fundraisers and creating awareness, we can continue helping children in our communities.

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