AFCCA Foundation for Children Adopts Families for the Holidays

Tis the season to give back! Part of our mission statement is to keep Arizona Children Happy and Healthy, so for the holiday season, we focused on the happy part. Back in November, we reached out to find a few families to adopt and we felt that we chose two in our communities that really could use some holiday cheer this year.

One family of 8 that lives in a one-bedroom apartment with six kids ranging from 4 to 17 received new clothes, toys for the younger children and some special treats!

Another family of four boys, recently found themselves without a home and their parents are out of the country. They are getting help in finding an apartment, and the Foundation for Children adopted them to buy them new clothes and essentials to get them started in their new home,so they can focus on finishing school.

We wish both these families, as well as all of our donors, supporters, board members and school nurses who help these children a very happy holiday season.



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