January 2017 Student Grants Filled

Here are the students the AFCCA Foundation for Children was able to assist in January 2017!

Large Grant Requests

5-year old student from Carminati School in Tempe was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Per his physical therapist, if had bilateral ankle foot orthotics, he would be able to walk.  His parents were be able to obtain the necessary additional items required to keep the orthotics comfortable for the child, they were just in need of assistance with the braces. The AFCCA Foundation for Children voted unanimously to grant $500 to pay for the foot orthotics for this little boy.

Thank you to all of our dedicated board members, donators, volunteers and especially our volunteer school nurse for making grant requests like this possible

Working together through fundraisers and creating awareness, we can continue helping children in our communities.

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