March Foundation for Children Update

Look who the Foundation for Children helped in March!

Kino Jr High School, Mesa

  • A student aged 14 suffers from frequent seizures. His doctor recommended a EEG Test for brain activity to find the cause of these seizures. The Foundation for Children was able to pay The Phoenix Children’s Hospital $1294 for this test. We wish the best of luck to this young man and his family and we will keep you posted on his progress.

Sunnyside High School, Tucson

  • Three requests for vision services; student aged 15, student aged 16, and student aged 17

Rio Rico High School, Tucson

  • A young man aged 15 has been using broken glasses for 3 years. The Foundation for Children was able to get him a new pair.

Appollo Middle School, Tucson

  • One request for vision services; a student aged 13


Thank you to all of our dedicated board members, volunteers and especially our volunteer school nurse for making grant requests like the ones above possible

Working together through fundraisers and creating awareness, we can continue helping children in our communities.

Our next fundraisers will be the Spring Golf Tournament and the Annual Convention Poker Tournament (Grand Prize of $1000!). Register today!

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